No, Bill Sherman {"Amazed by the Mayor," letters, June 21}, you are not the only one around here who is amazed that Marion Barry continues to win elections.

I have lived in the District since 1969, and I have lived many of these years in amazement at the municipal goings-on of the Barry administrations, which have been characterized by corruption, avarice, indictments, convictions and denials.

It is time for the black majority electorate to wake up and realize that it has not only the opportunity but also the responsibility to put in place a government of respectable, imaginative and, above all, accountable individuals to lead the city that is the capital of this country.

It is well past time for Marion Barry and his cronies to depart. MICHAELA M. COHAN Washington

Bill Sherman states that he cannot understand how Mayor Barry continues to gain support and win elections. I admit that throughout the mayor's tenure, there have been incidents when the mayor's judgment was in doubt, but to say that his judgment has been faulty for eight years is, at best, ridiculous.

The root of all the objections toward the mayor is the fact that he is a black politician who wields a great deal of power and that he uses his power to assist other blacks in the city. TREVOR WILLIAMS Silver Spring

If there are offenses that can be offered up justifiably for a formal indictment and trial of Mayor Barry, I believe that U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova should proceed forthwith. Otherwise, given the long duration of Mr. diGenova's investigation of the Barry administration, thoughtful citizens are impelled to conclude that Mr. diGenova is involved in legalistic witch-hunting.

The time, I believe, has come for Mr. diGenova either to "fess up" or to cease and desist and save the taxpayers' money.

It is remarkable that Mayor Barry has been able to move the D.C. government forward given the almost daily intrusion of U.S. Attorney diGenova. Mayor Barry and the citizens of the District of Columbia, who are denied long-overdue and deserved statehood, are entitled to be treated with fundamental fairness, respect and civility by Mr. diGenova and members of his staff. SAMUEL L. BANKS Lanham