I was astonished by Edmond Rovner's vitriolic comments in Joel Garreau's article, "The Shadow Governments" {front page, June 14}. I hope and trust that his boss, Sidney Kramer, the county executive, will quickly dissociate himself from the remarkably inaccurate and unwarranted comments about the Montgomery County Planning Board.

I have served as a member of that board for eight years and am extremely proud of my service, as well as that of our hard-working and intelligent staff and other board members. Far from considering myself a "one-eyed man in the land of the blind," I consider myself to be a public servant who spends countless hours preparing for meetings and listening to advocates and opponents in a very open and accountable process. I can assure Mr. Rovner that I have never ordered someone else's lunch, nor have I named any children other than my own three daughters.

Stating that "Park and Planning is answerable to nobody" is a statement that merely demonstrates Mr. Rovner's obvious lack of knowledge about the origins and duties of the commission. We were specifically created by state law 60 years ago to be responsible for park acquisition and development and to be the agency for master planning and development review in Montgomery and Prince George's counties.

We are answerable to our elected county council members, who appoint us and to whom we serve as advisers on master plans. The council also adopts our budget, after review by the county executive. Similarly, we advise executive agencies.

Our regulatory functions have been specifically delegated to the planning board by the state legislature and the county council. With regard to actions on which we are delegated to make the final decision (subdivisions, site plans and central business district project reviews), we are answerable to the courts of the state of Maryland. Their review is on the record made before the planning board.

Everything we consider in making our decision is part of the written or oral record, and we are subject to ex parte regulations in all of those actions. Our hearings are public. In fact, not only are our regulatory functions carried out in the "sunshine" of open sessions, but we consider all the advice we intend to give on any issue to the executive of the council in public debate. If there is a shadow government in Montgomery County, we are hardly it. BETTY ANN KRAHNKE Member, Montgomery County Planning Board Chevy Chase