I read with interest Postmaster General Tisch's comments {June 16} on improving postal service with mobile vans, to "establish the Postal Service as the leading service enterprise in America." If he thinks that's going to do it, he is sorely mistaken.

Postal service can be improved first and foremost by changing the attitudes of postal employees. This means eliminating the sullen expressions, uncaring attitudes, curt remarks, moving at a slow pace and taking off for lunch or break when there are lines of people waiting to be served. Mr. Tisch should send a task force to the Park Ridge, Ill., post office to see how things can, and should, be run by people who enjoy their work, appreciate the value of the customer's time, and really like working with people. They are model employees, and it is a joy to do business with them.

After that, the Postal Service can concentrate on not losing mail and on consistent delivery schedules. That means that a piece of mail regularly mailed from the same location on the same day each week should arrive at its destination on one regular day each week, not taking three days one week, five the next or not at all.

Improved service must begin with these things. That will keep the department busy for some time. JOYCE BISSONETTE Alexandria