As a frequent weekend commuter between the Washington area and the Delaware beaches, I am disturbed by S. D. Butterfield's letter {"Roads to the Beach," June 27}. I am particularly annoyed by its references to "rinky-dink towns" and "gotcha-again town cops."

Let me point out that Caroline County, Md., and Sussex County, Del., do not exist solely as expanses to be negotiated by beach-bound urbanites. They are rural and primarily agricultural counties, vital in their own right. As for their roads, Maryland has nearly completed a bypass around Denton. Let's let Delaware decide whether it wants to spend millions of dollars on a freeway that is neither needed nor wanted by its own population.

As for the obstacle-course situation that S. D. Butterfield claims is created by the current road system, I can only reply that I drive to the beach at 55 mph, 25 mph through the towns, and feel harassed only by impatient drivers who careen around me at reckless speeds. Excessive speed, not lawful speed, creates hazards, and I'm grateful that state and local police patrol these roads on the weekends.

If S. D. Butterfield is so traumatized by the journey, perhaps he should do us all a favor and just stay home.

NORMAN WARE Washington