Eric Pianin's article on D.C. statehood {June 23} contains three misleading assertions.

He states that "It {the new state} would boast no industry or agriculture to speak of," as if either of these is a requirement for statehood. Neither is. The new state would contain an abundance of the dominant and fastest-growing U.S. industry -- the service industry.

He also states that "The governor and state legislature would double as mayor and city council." Nothing in the proposed legislation even remotely supports this strained conclusion. The new state would have a single-level unicameral government, as do several others.

Finally, he writes: "New Columbia would operate with a special federal subsidy available to no other state." Nonsense. The legislation would permit, not require, the federal government, at its sole option, to provide payment to the new state for revenues denied as the result of specific expressed federal interests or needs and/or for specific services provided by the new state as requested by the federal government. If there is such a payment, it would be for the primary benefit of the federal government and on an annual appropriated basis.

EDWARD C. SYLVESTER JR. Staff Director, Committee on the District of Columbia U.S. House of Representatives Washington