It seems to me that the chairman of the UDC Board of Trustees protests too much about the inclusion of Antioch Law School within the confines of UDC {"Why Is the Council Telling UDC What to Do?" Close to Home, June 28}. What is at stake here, after all, is a very small addition to a very large campus. For her to claim that there is "no room at the inn" for tiny Antioch, when the inn is almost as big as Rockefeller Center, is rather disingenuous to say the least.

At most, Antioch will add only a few hundred students to an institution that has lost several thousand in recent years. Such an accommodation should be relatively easy, yet the UDC chairman finds more impediments to it than there are seeds inside a pomegranate. One suspects that the reason for all this is a wish to disavow completely Antioch's existence. One further suspects that if Antioch were a heavily endowed, more highly accredited entity, UDC would easily find abundant space for it.

Antioch is a vital presence in this capital city. It has spoken loud and clear for many years for those who have no voice. No other law school in this city comes close to filling that need. It will add luster to UDC, and the council deserves credit for saving it. Instead of treating it like an orphan, UDC should welcome it aboard. JAMES P. McGRATH Washington