From an interview with Betsy North, wife of Lt. Col. Oliver North, in the August issue of Life magazine:

I could not give you a specific weekend that we came to the realization that {the Iran-contra affair} was not going to be a short-term thing. November 25th {1986} was a Tuesday, the day {President Reagan and Attorney General Edwin} Meese announced {my husband} had been fired. Things kept unfolding. They had the Tower Commission, then these two committees, then {Independent Counsel Lawrence} Walsh's investigation.

{In December} a wonderful thing happened, a great outpouring of love. Friends wrote and called and built a wall {around us}. Couples from our church said they wanted to come to our house. They wanted the children to see that people from the church were going to walk us through this. Initially they just wanted to pray for us. Now it's evolved into a Bible study. {One comment} really made me feel good. One of the people in the prayer group said, "The final judgment is at the foot of the cross. And the ground is level there." I really like that. Sometimes I feel like "they're" up there, they've got all the guns -- and then there's "us." It's very comforting to know there will be an ultimate judgment. We basically trust in the Lord. If you worry about every little thing, you will be consumed. . . .

So much has been said -- a lot of which is untrue. Finally being able to talk will be a great relief for him. . . . He's hopeful that he can get the real story across. If you get the true story out, I don't see how people can't see the need to fight back when communism is spreading out. I hope {he will be judged a good man}. His motives were pur