Robert E. Herring, in his June 28 letter suggesting that TV stations should offer free time for political ads, misses the real import of television in American elections.

More than offering free time for candidates, television should eliminate itself entirely from the electoral process because it has done more than anything in American history to divert elections from a discussion of issues to an examination of hair styles, facial shapes, voice tones, accents of speech, Adam's apples, tie and collar design -- in a word, of everything outside the human skull that can be seized on by the human eye.

There is no discussion of issues on television that is not undermined by the eye wandering over the features of the speakers.

This never happened in the days when radio was the major medium. It still doesn't happen on radio today. One simply can't see the speakers' faces and is forced to listen to the speakers' ideas.

Some things in the past were better. Radio was, and still is, the best medium for the discussion of issues. One can wash the dinner dishes while listening to the candidates. One would never again be tempted to vote for a sexy pompadour to sit in the Oval Office and run a comb through the hair daily as the chief matter of presidential business.