Courtland Milloy makes some good points in his column on self-destructive thinking among black people {Metro, June 23}. True, we as a people have not accepted our physical beauty. As a wearer of what are commonly referred to as "dreadlocks," I face resentment daily, often from other black people, for accepting my blackness and wearing it proudly. I face persecution for my refusal to "do something" with my hair.

Until society appreciates other types of beauty -- not just the Vanna Whites, Jayne Kennedys and Brooke Shieldses -- then not only black people, but all people of color in this country will be forced to accept Caucasian standards in defining their self- images. In fact, unless one can become a reasonable facsimile of a Vanna or a Jayne or a Brooke, it becomes increasingly difficult to get a good job, as I have discovered while looking to change my career.

There is a critical lack of positively portrayed, inherently natural forms of black beauty. How often do you see a black woman with an Afro on the 6 o'clock evening news? No, Mr. Milloy, black people in America largely mimic the standards of the dominant group. We must follow the dictates of the white society if we want to work with or for them.