From a Soviet government statement of July 3 on the Persian Gulf:

Proceeding from the need for radical measures to improve the situation in the region, the Soviet government suggests that all warships of states not situated in the region be shortly withdrawn from the Gulf and that Iran and Iraq, in their turn, should keep from actions that would threaten international shipping. Such measures, moreover taken in the context of all-embracing settlement of the Iran-Iraq conflict, would help calm the situation and eliminate the threat of the spread of an explosive seat of military tension.

The Soviet Union reaffirms its principled stand in favor of bringing about an end to the Iranian-Iraqi war and solving contentious issues between Iran and Iraq at the table of political negotiations, and not on the battlefield.

In this connection we attach special importance to the political efforts being made now within the framework of the United Nations organization with a view to directing the Iranian-Iraqi conflict into the channel of peaceful solutions.

At one with the other members of the U.N. Security Council, we come out in favor of effective measures in this direction, and, specifically, in favor of immediate cessation of fire and of all hostilities, and a withdrawal of all troops to the internationally recognized borders without delay. . . .

The acuteness of the situation in the Persian Gulf area and the need to quickly bring about an end to the Iranian-Iraqi conflict require that all countries pursue a policy of real constructive deeds, a policy prompted by the supreme interests of preserving peace and effectively strengthening international security, and not practice "gunboat diplomacy." The Soviet Union is ready to cooperate with all those who really share these aims