Regarding the editorial "Return of the Red-Light Runners" {July 4}, I suggest The Post seriously investigate the validity of what I strongly feel is the root cause of the red-light-running epidemic: people are rebelling against too many red lights and other traffic/pedestrian controls.

There are too many lights to obey. The driver, faced with block after block after block of stop, stop, stop, gets frustrated. Finally, running a light becomes an act of civil disobedience.

My solution is to make the traffic-light planners -- those people who put up lights -- take the lights down. Stop lights should be changed to stop signs, yield signs or nothing wherever possible. Pedestrian controls -- largely ignored by pedestrians -- should be all but eliminated; people obey the stoplights, not the pedestrian signals. And all but the most necessary lights should go to blinkers.

This solution serves two purposes. First, it conserves the jobs of the light planners and installers (the latter would now take down lights). Second, it allows drivers to get where they want to go without oppressive interruptions and giving them the right to exercise their judgment at an intersection. With the frustration reduced, people -- acting like people -- will better obey the signals they now view as necessary.