At approximately 3:30 a.m. on June 30, an automobile accident occurred at the intersection of Michigan and South Dakota avenues NE. Three people -- two females and a male -- were injured.

When I arrived at the scene shortly after the impact, the ladies were on the lawn of a residence near the scene of the accident. Two residents helped them by providing a blanket and an ice pack to the more seriously injured woman and by trying to reassure and calm the other.

Within minutes a police car arrived. An officer assured the injured that an ambulance had been summoned. In fewer than five minutes two trucks from Engine Company No. 17 were on the scene, and the personnel began immediately to assist the victims.

Soon after that four ambulances arrived. With dispatch the personnel tended to the victims, making them comfortable and putting them on stretchers.

Meanwhile, another police car arrived. An officer immediately began to direct traffic around the damaged vehicles.

I take this time to write because lately there has been so much negative in the media concerning the fire department and particularly the ambulance service.

These fire department personnel and the police officers responded quickly in a very concerned and professional manner. I was proud of them and the neighbors. They should be commended for their service. WINSTON E. TURNER Washington