Your editiorial concerning "Republican Candidates on the Budget" {June 21} refers to Rep. Jack Kemp as "the longtime representative of blue-collar Buffalo." This represents a continuation of an error that is misleading to the national voters and insulting to the actual congressman from Buffalo and his constituents.

New York's 33rd Congressional District, which contains all of the city of Buffalo, has been represented since 1974 by Henry Nowak, a Democrat. Kemp's 31st District covers areas to the south and southeast of Buffalo; his constituents are mostly suburban and white-collar, along with residents of some historically Republican rural areas. There is not a square foot of Buffalo city limits in the 31st District, and the 31st District is home to no significant number of the steel, automotive, shipping or other major industrial concerns that have employed generations of Buffalo-area workers and which have been so hard hit in the past decade.

Kemp's election to Congress from the 31st District does not represent any exceptional circumstance, but demonstrates a rather unremarkable appeal to, and representation of, relatively typical suburban Republican voters. The support of these voters, in fact, gave him what was for an eight-term congressman a relatively modest victory in the 1986 election, in which he lost his own home town of Hamburg and several nearby communities that, unlike the rest of the district, contain a mix of blue- and white-collar voters.

Election from New York's 31st District emphatically does not indicate outreach to traditionally Democratic blue-collar workers as your editorial suggests. Jack Kemp (R-Hamburg) has never been elected from, nor does he represent in Congress, "blue-collar Buffalo." -- William Skeels