Being a resident of Southeast Washington and working in the downtown area the evening of July 9, I had the pleasure of riding in an express bus from L'Enfant Plaza, SW, to Good Hope Road, SE. The bus was 20 minutes late. It was not air-conditioned, only five windows could be opened and it was standing-room only.

As I sat in a seat next to an unopened window, sweat covering my back, neck and brow, I fantasized about living in suburban Maryland or Northern Virginia: air-conditioned subways that can take you as far as 20 miles to your home. I thought about how many years I would have to wait to be able to catch a subway and ride three miles across the Anacostia River to Southeast.

How could D.C.'s leaders have been so thoughtless? Didn't any of them think the subway system should at least serve every area within D.C.'s boundaries before it was completed to serve suburbanites?

I'm a native Washingtonian. I would prefer not to move to the suburbs. So I guess I'll have to continue fantasizing about riding a subway to far Southeast.

M. J. WATERS Washington