While browsing in the local supermarket the other day, toying with the idea of having a bit of chicken for dinner, I came across some recent products from that master chicken man, Frank Perdue. These products are quick, easy and delicious, the package assured me. That may be true, Frank, and I usually believe you when you tell me about your chickens.

I won't because there, blazoned across the entire package, in bold yellow attention-getting letters is the statement, "Perdue Done It."

This is as bad as the popular lyrics that pound such things as "he/she don't" and "they did good" into the minds of all who hear them. It is as bad as such phrases as "to John and I," which one hears with alarming frequency these days on that great leveler of the public taste, TV. (If you don't know what's wrong with that phrase, you've heard it too often.)

Red Skelton made entertainment history with "I doed it," but he was just kidding. One expects more from a serious, literate, successful guy like Frank Perdue. This bad grammar is something that, at first bounce, one can do nothing about. Once uttered and heard, the damage is done. We are hardly going to have equal time offered by anyone for a remedial grammar lesson.

I can, however, do a small something about it. Regretfully, I can stop buying Perdue products. I know that some will feel this is overreacting. I know it certainly won't affect the Perdue profit margin. But it will make me feel better.

I've taken my stand, Frank. I done/doed it. LUCY KILLHAM Washington