The Post recently carried a story {"Ministers Accuse Judge of Prejudice," Metro, July 19} to the effect that Judge William S. Thompson of the D.C. Superior Court chided black church groups for using white lawyers to represent them in court, the obvious implication being that Judge Thompson is some sort of racist.

I know nothing of the immediate controversy regarding the churches and their lawyers, and I therefore cannot attempt to judge the factual accuracy of the piece. However, I knew Judge Thompson as a colleague on the Superior Court for quite a few years, and we have maintained contact socially since I left that court in 1978. On this basis, I believe I am able to comment on the broader implications.

It would be difficult to find anyone who is more comfortable with and less judgmental about people of all races and backgrounds than Judge Thompson. During his many years as general secretary of World Peace Through Law, he traveled indefatigably in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, establishing a close rapport with leaders in law and government of all races and colors.

My own experience and what I have heard from others lead me to conclude that during that time Judge Thompson never judged others on account of their race, color, religion or any other basis except their abilities and the contributions they could make to the law and to what the law could achieve to produce a more peaceful world.


Judge, U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia