I read Margaret Fransen's letter {July 24} regarding the horrible state of the corridors of National Airport with great interest because the previous weekend I had traveled to Atlanta for a family reunion.

What a beautiful airport Atlanta has! All the superlatives are necessary to describe it. It is so large there is a train inside to take you to the baggage department. If you don't hear the announcement about the train, which leaves every two minutes, there are moving sidewalks to aid you on your trek.

The airport is spotless. It's hard to believe that thousands of passengers go through it every hour (it's the hub of the South and a depot for buses}.

The baggage system is very efficient. Unlike at National, where anyone can walk up and grab a piece of your luggage, in Atlanta you exchange your baggage claim check for your luggage.

This was my first trip to Atlanta, and I was pleasantly impressed with the city and its people. And the polite drivers on I-85 -- this despite the massive renovations presently going on -- were a refreshing change. Southern hospitality is not a myth!

I must admit, however, that I'm glad I overcame my senior citizen's reluctance to wear my Reeboks -- they are a must.

Fannie B. Payne