The Post should apologize to the Fairfax County police for its editorials criticizing their actions at the June 12 graduation party. Readers were led to believe that the likes of Theodore Cleaver and his buddies were sitting around the living room, drinking lemonade and listening to Barry Manilow records, when the police burst in and arrested everybody. Mrs. Cleaver was later arrested for walking down the sidewalk.

An accurate picture of the events appears six weeks later {front page, July 28}. The defendants and their lawyer now acknowledge that the police acted properly. More than 600 high school kids were invited to the party, and alcohol violations were apparent. The roadblock down the street undoubtedly prevented a few drunk-driving fatalities, which could have resulted in a few multimillion-dollar lawsuits against the host parents.

JOHN W. N. HICKEY Gaithersburg

The most telling comment on the idiotic policy of Fairfax County police of using plainclothes officers to infiltrate teen-age parties was made by Retha Morgan when she said that she would host such a party again but probably not notify the police {front page, July 28}.

Her "reward" for attempting to be a responsible parent (notifying the police about the party and seeking their advice) was a night in jail, a couple of thousand dollars in attorney's fees and having to deal with the commonwealth's attorney to avoid even more legal fees in defending charges of contributing to the delinquency of minors.

We parents may be dumb, but we're not stupid -- we get the message. The rules in Fairfax County are: 1) Don't have a party; let the kids go to Georgetown and get drunk. 2) If you feel you must have a party, don't tell the police. JAN MILLER Falls Church