William Raspberry's conclusion {op-ed, July 23} that welfare mother Jacqueline Williams is acting irresponsibly in maintaining her right to have more children, despite her need of public assistance in caring for the 14 she already has, is unkind and robs her of the credit she is clearly due.

It is obvious that this mother is speaking out of a need to justify the family she has and that she is doing so in the only way she knows how -- by exhibiting pride in her accomplishments as a mother. And what could be mistaken as "cheek" could more accurately be defined as a proud and generous spirit under fire. Isn't she something of a rarity in a time when the average mother -- black or white -- is hard pressed to cope well with one or two children?

Another striking feature of the Williams family is their healthy, attractive appearance. Mrs. Williams reflects energy and confidence in her role. If anybody deserves credit for exhibiting the lost art of motherhood, she does for reminding us of the genuine worthiness of a person willing to sacrifice and love to the point where it has to really hurt. ARLA J. TRACZ Falls Church