The editorial "Plastic Guns: Tools of Terrorists" {July 27} once more exhibited the knee-jerk liberalism of our capital's finest newspaper. The "plastic gun" is no more designed specifically to evade airport X-rays than a plastic crossbow is.

S.465, which would outlaw the guns, is just another example of increasing regulation, another wicket that manufacturers have to go through to market a product. It will not prevent such guns from being made and sold to terrorists.

The Post's real gripe should be with the poor sense of values our society exhibits, as exemplified by the wages our guardians are deemed to be worth. As long as airport X-ray operators are paid close-to-minimum wages, there will continue to be, as I read in a previous Post article, an approximately 30 percent chance that any weapon will make it through an airport X-ray machine. JOHN D. BINFORD Alexandria

The Post's presumption is that outlawing plastic guns will keep them away from terrorists and make us safer as a result. Not only is this presumption naive and illogical, it may even be dangerous. If the country follows The Post's lead and feels safe behind the shield of S.465, a realistic solution to the problem of terrorists with plastic guns may elude us until it is too late.

We should quit wasting our energy making moral statements with feel-good legislation like S.465 and get to work fast on developing the technology to detect plastic guns.

ALI F. SEVIN Ft. Washington