Yes, Marina Newmyer, there is quiet on the 25 miles of Delaware beaches {"The Delaware Beaches: What Quiet?" Close to Home, July 26}. But in July and August, you have to use a little imagination and go beyond the boardwalk and boom boxes.

Try the bay and ocean beaches at Delaware Seashore State Park, the three miles of undeveloped beach at Fenwick Island State Park, the little-known beaches around Lewes.

Instead of feeding your kid fries, try the crabs and summer specials of white corn and 'lopes.

And if you want to win money to pay your speeding ticket, you might win big bucks at Bingo Night at the Bethany firehouse.

-- Ellen Berlow

It is difficult to imagine how a typical Washingtonian can complain about parking meters, traffic and greedy merchants. Also, as a typical Washingtonian who does not recognize anything as existing outside the Beltway, Marina Newmyer insults Delaware by claiming Ocean City (Plastic City)is part of the Delaware Chamber of Commerce's web of intrigue to get people to the Atlantic Ocean.

I am truly sorry Newmyer did not enjoy her vacation at the ocean. As one who immensely enjoys my moments each year at the shore in Delaware, I can simply say: let her stay in steamy, muggy Washington, where, of course, parking meters do not exist, traffic flows routinely and the fees at parking garages are simply minimal.

-- R. J. di Grazia

Unless one's head is buried deep beneath the sand, it is obvious that these popular summer resorts cater more to the crowd than to the individual. And with crowds comes noise. Curiously, Marina Newmyer holds Delawareans responsible for, among other things, large crowds, when the blame should be put on the uncontrolled exodus from the Washington area.

Singling out the Delaware beaches clearly indicates her limited exposure to the sun. After all, a comparison of close neighboring beaches would prove the Delaware shoreline rather tame.

-- Nancy A. Roda

Marina Newmyer claims the Delaware Chamber of Commerce lured her with its "resort propaganda." Does that mean she was forced to go to Delaware? I hardly think so.

She then goes on to criticize the traffic problems, the number of fast-food restaurants, the group houses, the loud radios on the beach and even the jellyfish.

The jellyfish? How can anyone blame the Chamber of Commerce for the influx of jellyfish? Does she really expect to see advertisements saying, "Don't come to Delaware. There are too many jellyfish"?

She also complained that the state trooper who gave her a speeding ticket was in a camouflaged vehicle. What does she expect? Signs on the highway saying, "Police Radar Ahead"?

-- Ray Lieberman

Marina Newmyer, shame on you! What a bum rap you give Bethany Beach and all of Delaware. What keeps crowds coming year after year? Is it the clean water and lovely coastline? Maybe part of the charm is that police control the noisy parties and speeders for the protection of visitors and residents alike.

Our little boardwalk has no "hawkers." The food in Bethany is varied enough for all palates. We have wonderful free evening concerts and no "night spots."

So, Marina, find yourself a chlorinated pool in the city and let us enjoy the quiet resort. -- Betsy Fiore