From an editorial in the Army Times July 27:

America's most famous military officer has paraded a travesty of military values before a credulous national television audience.

Wearing a crisply pressed Marine Corps uniform bedecked with fruit salad, Lt. Col. Oliver North portrayed himself as a dedicated military officer who was just obeying the orders of his superiors. But . . . North, like all soldiers, is not obliged to follow illegal orders. Indeed, his oath is to defend the Constitution, and that entails abiding by the laws that flow from it.

North is a powerful, dynamic personality, and he presented his case with extraordinary skill and vigor. His six days of televised congressional testimony won him millions of admirers, but the likely reasons for his instant popularity bear examination.

Is the public idolizing him because of what he did in the Iran-contra affair or in spite of it? Well, if there is a groundswell of support for selling weapons to the regime of the Ayatollah Khomeini, which is responsible for the deaths and kidnappings of many Americans by terrorists, we're unaware of it.

As for North's use of profits from the arms sales to supply the rebels seeking to overthrow the government of Nicaragua, the will of the people is on record in the form of the Boland Amendment, which was passed by their elected representatives in Congress.

Thus it appears that the public likes North's sharp military appearance and patriotic slogans so much it is willing to forget his actions. If that is the case, the implications are grave and far-reaching.