I'd like to commend The Post for its strong support for Initiative 28 -- the bottle bill.

I'm a newcomer to Washington, and I speak from experience when I say that the passage of a bottle bill would only benefit the citizens of the District. The opponents of the bill (large corporations and chain food stores, mostly) are spending millions of dollars to convince the public that passage of the bottle bill would bring about the ruin of the consumer, the end of the soft-drink industry and economic upheaval in the District of Columbia. Pshaw!

Recently I spent the afternoon enjoying (for the first time) the Adams Morgan Hispanic Festival. By the end of the afternoon, I couldn't help noticing the thousands of pounds of trash in the streets. Most of it was -- you guessed it -- nonrefundable bottles and cans.

In New York State, where I was raised and where a bottle bill passed several years ago, people wouldn't have thrown those bottles and cans down. And if they did, someone would have scooped them up before they hit the ground. How much could we, as taxpayers, have saved if the litter just from that two-day festival had been reduced?

Everyone should take a long look at Initiative 28, and then support it. LEIGH DINGERSON Washington