I read with interest the article ''Courting Alternatives'' {Style, July 23}. I am always pleased when information is provided to help citizens resolve their disputes without litigation. However, the article failed to mention a major alternatives program that has been operating in the D.C. Superior Court for 2 1/2 years -- namely, the Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Program, whose sole mission is to provide citizens with alternatives to traditional litigation for their legal difficulties.

Multi-Door is a national model project in which the Superior Court provides free mediation for small-claims disputes, domestic-relations matters and civil lawsuits, including a mandatory arbitration program for civil cases valued at less than $50,000. In addition, in May of this year Multi-Door sponsored "Settlement Week," in which 50 percent of the civil cases in the project settled, most of them after mediation sessions held by attorney volunteers and judges. Finally, Multi-Door offers a referral service at Superior Court and the D.C. Bar's Lawyer Referral and Information Service. People involved in disputes are assisted -- at no cost -- in finding alternative ways of resolving their disputes.

Since it began its first of seven alternative programs in January 1985, the Multi-Door program has assisted more than 20,000 people. FRED B. UGAST Chief Judge, Superior Court of the District of Columbia Washington