Did I read correctly the remarks attributed to my colleague, Rep. Patricia Schroeder, by David Broder {"Democrats Cultivate Patch of Left-Leaning Grass-Roots," news story, Aug. 2}?

Mr. Broder wrote: "Schroeder also suggested that President Reagan has done the nation a disservice because he 'redefined Americans as winners.' People who met failure or disappointment in their lives, she said, 'were ashamed and didn't even feel like Americans, and it's increased the suicide rate and driven people to drugs.'"

Come now. Rep. Schroeder and her liberal friends have laid much at this administration's door, but can she seriously believe that the Reagan-led rebirth of the American spirit has driven people to drugs and suicide? The notion is absurd. Perhaps she longs for the good old days of Jimmy Carter's national malaise, when double-digit inflation, runaway interest rates, soaring unemployment at home and humiliation abroad sapped our country of its pride and purpose, but presumably left no one with hurt feelings or bruised psyches to the extent that they resorted to drugs or suicide.

Rep. Schroeder is quoted as saying "the American people don't want to be diddled any more." I would suggest, however, that her remedies would do just that to Americans who take pride in their country and who believe the government takes quite enough of their paychecks.

DON SUNDQUIST U.S. Representative (R-Tenn.) Washington