It is obvious to me that the type of role model Liz Walker represents, not only to young black teen-age girls but to all young women and men, is that of a responsible, well-educated, highly intelligent and mature woman who at the age of 36 decided to have a child {"The War on Motherhood," Style, Aug. 5}.

Rather than criticize her as a bad influence on the young, we can learn by her example, the emphasis being on her educational and professional accomplishments. Having a baby out of wedlock is purely a personal matter.

ZVI MOYAL Washington

How typical of the self-consciously trendy Washington Post to examine the trees so minutely and not even suggest the presence of a forest.

In the piece about Liz Walker, a black TV personality in Boston who has decided to have a baby out of wedlock, we learn about her half-million-a-year salary, about how she embodies the dilemma of successful middle-aged women who want babies but not necessarily husbands, about how some blacks fear she will encourage more black children to have babies outside marriage.

All those column inches, and not one word about the impact of Liz Walker's decision on the child she's carrying.

I am not suggesting this woman shouldn't have her baby. I am suggesting that her hundreds of thousands of dollars may not be an adequate substitute for the hundreds of thousands of ways good fathers influence their children's lives for the better.

M. T. CORBETT Bethesda

If having a child to love and nurture is Liz Walker's primary concern, there are many children -- especially black children -- in need of the type of parenting Miss Walker can so amply provide. I suspect that the issue is not merely having a child, but having it all. Miss Walker herself is quoted as saying, "I want it all . . . love, power, money, happiness, success. . . . " She has now added to this list a child whom she has biologically produced, even if that decision adversely affects the child. The tragedy is that Miss Walker fails to see the far-reaching implications of her decision. RITA D. FORD Silver Spring