I was amazed to read NBC News President Lawrence Grossman's assertion {TV Column, July 29} that "no one has accused the network of inaccuracies" in its July 1 special, "Six Days Plus 20 Years: A Dream Is Dying." This is simply not correct.

Mr. Grossman said he had met with leaders of the major American Jewish organizations, who "expressed concern over the Israelis' action against the network." As one of those present at this meeting, I am disheartened by Mr. Grossman's self-serving report of what took place. We requested the meeting to present our objections to the NBC program, which was flawed by serious omissions, distortions and lack of perspective.

I told Mr. Grossman of my surprise that despite its focus on the Palestinian issue, the NBC special had failed to report the announcement by Hanna Siniora, editor of the pro-PLO daily Al Fajr, of his intention to run in the Jerusalem municipal elections. This unprecedented and controversial declaration, timed for the 20th anniversary of the June 1967 war, received front-page coverage around the world (see Washington Post of June 5). The NBC special also failed to report the response of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which set Mr. Siniora's two cars on fire on June 21 and threatened his life.


Director, Israel & Middle East Affairs

The American Jewish Committee

New York