Regarding Jura Koncius' "Try It" piece on Redskins clothing {Style Plus, Aug. 12}: the team colors are not maroon and gold. They are burgundy and gold. Burgundy! Burgundy! Burgundy! -- Jim Steele Which Theatre?

Your editorial of July 24 suggests the prologue of "Henry V" referring to "this wooden O" in fact meant the Globe Theatre. John Dover Wilson, the legendary Shakespearean expert, in his work on "King Henry V," says, "Probably the Curtain Theatre, not the Globe, which began in January or February 1599 and taking about 28 weeks to build, can hardly have been completed before August or September, whereas the 5th Prologue {the speech at issue} must have been written before June."

-- Julian Porter Qatar Is Not an Island

Regarding David Ottaway's July 21 article on Persian Gulf states' increasing cooperation with the United States: it must have come as quite a surprise to Qataris to learn that their peninsular nation had become an island.

A further shock must have come when they read that Qatar is the "smallest of the six Arab Gulf nations." That honor is usually claimed by Bahrain, which is also the island state thereabouts. -- Evans Johnson From Ancient Greece

Permit me to enter the discussion about the "National Cathedral" not so much regarding the proper nomenclature of the edifice but to comment on the letter from Robert Brown {Free for All, Aug. 8} asserting that the word "cathedral" comes from the Latin cathedra.

The word cathedra is clearly and correctly of Greek provenance, as are thousands of other words ascribed to Latin.

As used by ancient writers such as Xenophon, Hippocrates, Plutarch and Thucydides, cathedra means seat, chair, pulpit. It has been used as such for over 25 centuries and is still vibrant in Hellas of today, in aspects of religion and education.

Since the classics are today considered passe', it is not surprising that we are unfamiliar with the formidable contribution of ancient Athens to ancient Rome, the Romans being enthusiastic and most worthy students of the fountainhead of modern knowledge and civilization. -- Charles Katsainos The Return of Dr. Strangelove

Your headline writers rarely miss an opportunity to be cute (the recent scrubbing of the Lincoln Memorial being described as its "emancipation" from grime) or to slip in a quick editorial opinion. Witness the Doctor-Strangelove-come-to-life disdain for all things military evident from the Aug. 6 headline "Police at Pentagon Kill Gunman Near 'War Room' Area" -- your term of choice for the National Military Command Center.

Admittedly, the headline might have been worse -- for example, "Confused Visitor Gunned Down by Pentagon Death Squad: Contra Connection Suspected." But given your aspirations to be a quality newspaper, shouldn't your readers expect something better? -- C. Kenneth Allard

False History of Cuba

If there were a prize for sophomoric simplification, Lewis H. Diuguid would surely win it for his lead sentence in his story about tourism in Cuba {front page, Aug. 3}. To ascribe the Cuban revolution against the oppressive dictatorial regime of Fulgencio Batista to "the free-spending excesses that went with massive U.S. tourism" sets a new standard for the rest of The Post's writers.

It also does not reflect well upon the judgment of Post editors to allow such shallow analysis to get past the blue pencil. The many freedom-loving Cubans who supported the revolution at great sacrifice, only to see it betrayed into another form of oppression and dictatorship, must feel insulted by this kind of pseudo history.

-- Alfred J. Giddings No 'Decline'

Your headline ''Reagan's Decline Is Good News for the GOP'' {Outlook, Aug. 2} was shocking.

I assure you that neither my friends and relatives here nor those across the country have any concept of President Reagan's ''decline.'' We think the president is as strong as ever and expect that his policies will help any GOP presidential candidate in 1988 have a better chance for election. Of course, leftists, hoping to win in 1988, are trying to denigrate him in every way possible.

My friends and I would welcome a third Reagan term if that were not outlawed.

-- M. E. Morris