Marina Newmyer's distorted portrayal of the Delaware beaches {Close to Home, July 26}, especially the Bethany-Fenwick area, known as "The Quiet Resorts," had us all wondering just where she did vacation, as her description did not even remotely resemble Bethany Beach or Fenwick Island.

"The Quiet Resorts" are and always have been family-oriented with a small-town atmosphere. The restricted commercial areas consist of unique boutiques, family restaurants and several ice-cream parlors.

The boardwalk in Bethany Beach does not have arcades, rides, hawkers, fried or frozen foods. There are, however, a number of benches where one can sit and enjoy the solitude and a beautiful sunrise or listen to the soothing roar of the ocean. On weekends, the bandstand offers free entertainment by groups such as the First United States Army and the American Youth Jazz Band.

"The Quiet Resorts" extend from the Maryland state line to the Indian River inlet with 10 miles of ocean front, seven of which are unspoiled, undeveloped state-owned land, giving this area more uncrowded beach per capita than any other resort. It is difficult to imagine Newmyer's contention that one needs Beltway expertise to reach the beach, as it is accessible by foot from almost every part of Bethany and Fenwick.

Parking meters are essential for additional revenue to help defray the cost of providing clean rest rooms, trash pickup and life guards for the beaches. And yes, these things do provide jobs for Delaware youths, thereby keeping them off the unemployment list.

Finally, we have learned that Newmyer stayed in Dewey Beach and not at "The Quiet Resorts." Therefore, we would like her to call us at the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce and allow us to show her where "The Quiet Resorts" are.

Kay Anderson

is executive director of the Bethany-Fenwick

Area Chamber of Commerce.