On Aug. 22, 10,000 people attended an anti-abortion rally on the grounds of the Washington Monument. I thought it quite interesting that you gave this event a one-inch, one-column write-up on page 4 of the Metro section in the Sunday paper.

As I searched through the paper for this article and finally found it in the ''Around the Region'' column, I wondered what it would have taken for this event to be given more attention. Should hundreds of the demonstrators have gotten arrested (instead of the nine who did)? Should they have thrown rocks at the policemen? Should they have set fire to an abortion clinic?

Did you not want to give attention to the fact that there are still peaceful demonstrations? Or did you not want to give attention to the fact that there are at least 10,000 people in the Washington area who are opposed to abortion -- the legalized murder of unborn children? -- Bruce Morgan

I was appalled at the blatant lack of coverage of the 1987 National Rally for Life. You devoted only three sentences to an event attended by 10,000 people in the nation's capital, and two of those were about an altogether unrelated incident.

You also made no mention of the 2.8 million signatures on a petition presented to President Reagan affirming the American people's will to extend basic First Amendment rights to unborn Americans.

-- Robert J. Laskin