In his Aug. 26 op-ed piece, David Broder states: "Symbolism is out. Hard choices and hard-boiled judgments are in." What Mr. Broder fails to recognize, however, is that a woman's choice on whether she is a Republican, Democrat or independent is not based just on whether a party or a candidate is pro-choice or supports the Equal Rights Amendment, but on what a party or a candidate can do for a woman overall.

Since President Reagan took office he has appointed more than 1,500 women to serve in substantive positions, including three at the Cabinet level and a Supreme Court justice. This is more than any previous president has done.

What women need to remember is that the economy is stronger than ever and that both women and men have benefited from this situation. Inflation is rising modestly, not rapidly as predicted. The unemployment rate in June fell to 6.1 percent, its lowest level since 1979. The number of employed now stands at 112.26 million, 2.5 million more than a year ago. And women who own businesses are the single largest source of new businesses in America today.

In addition, the president has devised a welfare reform strategy that will lift the least fortunate among the American people -- both women and men -- up from dependency and bring them into the economic and social mainstream.

These are only a few examples of what the Reagan administration and the Republican Party have done for women. The choice is not hard. Women should register and vote as Republicans because Republicans have brought America back, with men and women as equals.

JUDY HUGHES President National Federation of Republican Women Washington