As a loyal reader of The Post who looks forward to the interesting and colorful Sunday magazine, I was truly disappointed after reading the Aug. 16 cover story about the tragic case of the Aoude family.

In such situations, it is difficult to say who is right and who is wrong. While I think it is great that The Post covered the story, I simply wish that the writers could have covered it without writing such a decidedly anti-Arab piece.

The story noted, "For mood music, he popped a whiny-voiced Arab tape into the deck: Fay Rouz, the Linda Ronstadt of Lebanon." To call one of our very favorite singers, who is internationally renowned, a "whiny-voiced Arab" is not only insulting but racist. Also, that the newspaper of the nation's capital cannot take the time to research the correct spelling of the singer's name -- Fairuz -- is, to say the least, surprising.

The entire article had racist undertones. I think The Post owes it to its countless readers to practice the fair journalism for which this country is famous. I hope this example will encourage The Post to recognize that it has done a great injustice to an entire culture -- not only misrepresenting us but depriving readers from learning about our beautiful culture.