The death of a young man at the dangerous intersection of Creek Crossing and Old Courthouse roads has led to concerns about making that area safer {Virginia Weekly, Aug. 20}. "It is a dangerous intersection," says Vienna Mayor Charles Robinson Jr. That is exactly the point many of us tried to communicate to him and the Vienna Town Council in 1984. They voted to close five through streets during morning and evening rush hours, thereby forcing hundreds of cars onto Old Courthouse Road at that dangerous intersection.

I disagree that the five streets are "small side streets," as described by the Vienna public information officer. They are modern roads fully capable of handling traffic.

The mayor and his council bowed to the lobbying of the residents of these streets at the price of endangering and inconveniencing hundreds more on a daily basis. And we, the citizens of Virginia, paid for those roads.

Now, while the Department of Transportation studies the problem and makes recommendations, maybe the mayor and the town council will reconsider their outrageous ruling of three years ago. Nineteen accidents have been recorded at the intersection since 1985. How many more accidents occurring during peak hours are needed to persuade them? Have they ever heard of the democratic philosophy of "the greater good for the greater number"?