In appraising the scholarly and cultural resources of the national capital region, it is important that The Post look outside of the strict limits of the District and include resources readily available to the Washington area within the Beltway.

In his fine article about the appointment of Sir Lawrence Gowing to the curatorial leadership of the Phillips Collection {Aug. 17}, Paul Richard noted the importance of having a major university department of art history in Washington. But he failed to mention that such a fine art history faculty is available at the College Park campus of the University of Maryland.

The quality of faculty at major universities in various disciplines was appraised in a 1984 survey by The Conference Board of Associated Research Councils that was published by the National Academy of Sciences. In this national ranking, the University of Maryland art history faculty was rated among the top eight of American public universities in scholarly quality.

In addition, the University of Maryland faculty ranked among the top 10 public universities in more disciplines than any other state university in the northeastern United States. The Post could perform a great service to its readers by pointing out that this university provides many important resources to the metropolitan area.


President, University of Maryland