Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a pennant race going on in the American League East?

When I checked The Post Sports section the other morning, I learned, on page one, that Carl Lewis had not broken a world record (no news there: he never has); that John McEnroe beat someone whose name I cannot pronounce, spell or remember; that someone named Krivac had lost a game; that Polish Navy had scored in Woodward (California?); and that two Texas football teams had played a one-sided game.

On page two I read an obit of a New York writer, and a lot of sports briefs.

Page three was about a sailor I'd never heard of and a college soccer game.

Page four was about exhibition football and the NFL players' union.

Page five contained tire ads.

Page six carried reports of high school football games and a domed stadium.

Page seven was more tire ads.

Page eight was tennis, the Orioles' latest loss and Baseball Notebook. The trail was getting warmer.

Finally, on page nine, I learned that former Oriole Mike Flanagan had pitched the Blue Jays to victory, moving them up to one game behind Detroit.

Who the heck is editing the Sports section? Who does he think is reading it?

John B. Peach