The squeaky wheel gets the oil just as every dissident catches the interest of the news media. Awaiting the arrival of Pope John Paul II, the media were once again awash with articles and programming on dissension within the Roman Catholic Church in the United States. Those who think they have legitimate cause have a right to voice their dissatisfaction, and the media have the obligation to present their viewpoints. But they do not have the right to fan the flames by omission and misrepresentation of the facts.

There are those who are unhappy with Catholicism, whether it be because of personal circumstances, lack of discipline or pure want for change; but their numbers are infinitesimal in comparison with the estimated 52 million American Roman Catholics. As one of those 52 million, I am weary of having myself lumped in with the minority as the news media brainwash the populace with articles that imply an overwhelming majority of American Catholics are demanding change.

I urge the vast majority of Roman Catholics who are silently content with their faith to pick up their pens andlet the news media know that theycannot and will not tolerate the undermining of their religious beliefs. As Roman Catholic doctrine has existed for centuries, so shall it be for centuries to come. No one has ever claimed or promised that it is easy to be Roman Catholic, nor has Catholicism ever been changed merely to accommodate chosen life styles.

Joyce A. Novack