Is there really something wrong, as former D.C. Council member Jerry A. Moore claimed in 1982, with D.C. Council Chairman David Clarke's riding a bicycle to work? Not at all. In fact, I believe it is quite noble for a person in such a high-profile position to be so humble.

But as the article "Clarke Steering His Image Into an Upscale Model" {District Weekly, Sept. 3} so clearly shows, our bicycle-riding chairman may be abandoning his humble ways. The bicycle has been replaced by a flashy Mercury Marquis, and tailored suits are suddenly in vogue with Mr. Clarke.

With the problems plaguing the D.C. government -- and the prospects of a mayoral race -- Mr. Clarke has apparently decided to refine his image. I hope, however, that he does not become as immersed in the political image game as many other politicians are. That would strip him of much of the vitality and respect he has earned for being "a man of the people."

A native Washingtonian, Mr. Clarke sports an impressive record as a former council representative for Ward 1 and now as chairman. He has a reputation as a hard-working, committed politician whose conscience has served D.C. residents well.

It is a tribute to Mr. Clarke, and especially to the voters in this city, that he has risen to such a position of power without worrying -- until now -- about grooming his image to perfection. He has campaigned on his sincere commitment to the District and on his noteworthy accomplishments.

I hope Mr. Clarke continues to be a man of the people and does not lose his perspective in the political image war. After all, if it was all right for Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis to ride the subway to work, then it's probably not inappropriate or unseemly for the D.C. Council chairman to ride a bicycle to work. KEVIN BUSHWELLER Washington