Alexandria Mayor James P. Moran Jr. has just taken a few more of his characteristically wild roundhouse swings at those he sees as his arch foes in his quest. Is his quest for the Holy Grail? No. It's $600,000 of grant money -- and a lot more tax money -- to start up teen sex clinics in the schools {"A School-Based Clinic Is 'Sound Public Policy,' " Close to Home, Sept. 6}. Four sex clinics (euphemistically called "health" clinics) are proposed for Alexandria, where there are only three schools above the elementary grade level. All clinics would dispense sex advice and materials to the children, including pills and condoms.

The mayor's arch foes? "Some Catholic and some fundamentalist leaders" who, he says, are engaging in a continuing effort to "circumvent" the conclusion of the majority of the mayor's supposedly unbiased task force. Two comments on this statement: first, the opposition consists of more than "some Catholic and some fundamentalist leaders." There are a lot of others who, according to Alexandria's Vice Mayor Patsy Ticer (as quoted in the Alexandria Packet on Sept. 2), "have spoken out in opposition after the fact that did not speak out at the meetings. . . . It's a matter of courage."

Second, the opposition is not indulging in devious circumvention, but engaging in a direct confrontation -- not against Mayor Moran personally, but against a line of action they consider totally unsound, not only on moral grounds (which they see as the root of the problems) but also on grounds of both the short-term and long-term economic and social well-being of Alexandria.

The mayor tells of "several thousand opposition flyers . . . distributed at the back of churches in Alexandria" that pose the question: "Would you encourage your teen-ager to indulge in promiscuous sex?" The mayor, by his actions, answers this question with a resounding "Yes!" -- despite the fact that both the U.S. surgeon general and the federal Centers for Disease Control have stated that promiscuous sex is a highly dangerous practice and that the only sure way to avoid AIDS is to avoid promiscuous sex. The mayor and most of his task force think this statement is "unrealistic." The opposition prefers the better qualified and more responsible advice of the surgeon general and the CDC.

It is interesting to note and his task force do and apparently do not consider shocking. The majority report mentions "shocking pregnancy statistics" but does not associate the word "shocking" with birth-control and abortion statistics. Of course they were not shocked at the miserable lack of moral leadership from those who are supposed to be the moral leaders of our community, the clergy. The report shows that only 11 members of the approximately 70-member Alexandria Clergy Association responded, and of those 11, seven supported the clinics. Why should anyone be shocked at high pregnancy rates when adolescents can so readily get permission and active support for irresponsible behavior? To the extent that even the clergy haven't the guts to tell the kids it's wrong, maybe we can sympathize with -- even though we don't agree with -- the mayor.

Neither the mayor nor his task force has explained just what the expected additional costs of his clinics would be (i.e., over and above the approximately $2 million in 1986 funds already programmed for adolescent health services and pregnancies, as mentioned in the task force majority report), even if they were stripped of all the non-sex-oriented services that are readily handled by other existing facilities.

So much for Moran's wild roundhouse swings and misleading statements. Now for the mayor's pie`ce de re'sistance. He says: "Sexual abstinence and male accountability would be advocated by Alexandria's center." If the mayor's myopic task force can't see any humor in that bit of idiotic double talk, one can readily imagine our not-so-dumb kids laughing at it all the way to getting their pills and condoms! -- Maurice E. Flynn Jr.