I read with interest Keith Richburg's story, "Detractors Within the Ranks Assail Aquino's Military Chief" {front page, Sept. 3}. Mr. Richburg mentions the "lack of action" against those involved in previous coup attempts, which is incorrect.

For the plot called "Oplan Inang Bayan," involving the seizure of Manila International Airport and Villamor Air Force Base to pave the way for former president Ferdinand Marcos, 10 officers were investigated. The investigation resulted in court-martial proceedings against four officers and the release of six.

In connection with the Jan. 27 seizure of Channel 7 and the incidents at Villamor Air Force Base and Sangley Air Station, general court-martials have been convened to try the following: Col. Oscar Canlas, eight officers and 102 enlisted men. Lt. Col. Reynaldo Cabuatan, one officer and 111 enlisted men. Col. Bertuldo dela Cruz, 152 enlisted men and three policemen.

The case against five officers and 58 enlisted men for the April 18 "Black Saturday" incident is under pretrial investigation.

For the most recent coup attempt, a decision will have to be made after completion of the various investigative bodies convened by the administrative and legislative sectors to study this matter.


Defense and Armed Forces Attache'

Embassy of the Philippines