I spent a disturbed weekend after learning that my absolutely favorite columnist, Colman McCarthy, wants to phase out dogs {op-ed, Sept. 12}!

He, whose compassionate caring about human beings and whose espousing of the best of causes has inspired us all, has read the wrong book. When its effects wear off I'm sure he will remember the blind, many of whom are independent because of their Seeing Eyes. He'll realize that many elderly and handicapped need their faithful companions and protectors. He may think of the police helpers that save lives and of the playmates that enriched the childhoods of so many of us.

Of course, there is no excuse at all for those human beings who fail to teach their dogs the difference between a mail carrier and an intruder and who do not carry the plastic bags that make it simple to deposit dog litter in the nearest trash can.

Elinor Dynes

Colman McCarthy's column totally lacked humor, as well as warmth and compassion for people and four-legged creatures. How does he profess to be an authority on someone as warm, caring and compassionate as Dorothy Day?

Mary Ann Carmody

I would like to point out to Colman McCarthy that his chances of being attacked by a mad so-called human being are far greater than being attacked by a mad dog. If he is so anxious to phase out living creatures, he might want to start with murderers, rapists, drug pushers, drunk drivers, etc.

Fred Montague

I can't believe it! Four years have gone, almost to the day (see the Aug. 19, 1983, issue of The Post), and here comes Colman McCarthy with another of his virulent attacks against dogs and dog owners! What's with him? Is it the end of summer that gets on his nerves?

I have only to repeat my suggestion (also published in The Post in August 1983) that McCarthy move to Reykjavik, the dogless heaven to which he continues to refer in his diatribes. His blood pressure will benefit from it and we responsible, level-headed, fun-loving, good-natured dog owners will have the joy of finally getting rid of him!

Gabriella Cahill

Doesn't Colman McCarthy know that bad people make bad dogs?

Elizabeth W. Gookin

Regarding Colman McCarthy's diatribe against dogdom, please add my name to the list of the thousands of dog lovers in the area who believe that McCarthy must have been bitten by a rabid cat. As one who has shared his life for over 20 years with that most noble of all dogs, the boxer, may I say that those years would have been substantially poorer without the companionship of Fawn, Crescent and Clarissa, each of whom on its worst day gave me more happiness and insight into life's real joys than all of Mr. McCarthy's columns put together.

Any psychiatrist would tell McCarthy of the benefits that contact between the human and the canine brings. As for the ethical implications of feeding dogs before humans, if humans insist on breeding like undomesticated rabbits, put me on the side of "man's best friend" every time.

W. S. Estabrook