"A Gunrunner's Haven" {editorial, Sept. 6} was a grave insult to the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia and to their elected officials. No proof of the assertion by unspecified "top law enforcement organizations" that Virginia's current firearms legislation contributes to crime was presented. The assumption that Gov. Baliles and a majority of our elected officials (who reflect the will of the people) were not intelligent enough to pass Post-Handgun Control Inc. approved gun control legislation is as arrogant as it is incorrect.

No proof was offered that waiting periods have any positive impact on crime control. All that waiting periods do is use yet more of our overworked law enforcement authorities' time and limited financial resources.

Does anyone actually believe that crooks go to the local sporting goods store to buy a handgun with which to rob a 7-Eleven that same day? What percentage of crimes has ever been committed within the first seven days of a legal handgun purchase? One one-thousandth of 1 percent? One ten-thousandth? In addition, Virginia's current firearms legislation, which allows decent citizens to own and use handguns while prohibiting criminals from doing so, is already successful. ROBERT M. ANDERSON Fairfax