From a speech yesterday at the United Nations General Assembly by British Foreign Secretary Geoffrey Howe:

{U.N. Security Council} Resolution 598 ... demanded that both Iran and Iraq should cease fire. It paid due attention to the legitimate concerns and grievances of both Iran and Iraq. And, quite rightly, it provided that, in the absence of compliance, the measures necessary for enforcement would be put in place. The Security Council's determination to ensure compliance must remain firm. What we now have to decide is whether the Security Council should move without further ado to an arms embargo.

After Iran's deeds and words this week, can anyone still believe that {it} intends to comply with the resolution? Monday's two unprovoked attacks, with missile and mine, show Iran's true intentions. So do words of {its} president from this rostrum {Tues-day}.

He described the Security Council as "a paper factory for issuing worthless and ineffective orders." He invited the world to conclude that "the only option left us {is} to use violence.

The United Kingdom therefore thinks it essential now to start work on the further measures foreseen in Resolution 598. The first step should be an arms embargo, to prevent the flow of arms to those wishing to ignore the U.N. and to prolong the conflict. For action is needed. Action to show that the Security Council is neither worthless nor ineffective. That it will uphold its authority.