From a recent statement by the Metropolitan Police Officials Association:

No one who has worked shoulder to shoulder with D.C. Police Chief Maurice Turner would believe for one second that he would compromise an internal investigation. And this would be the case even if his own top command structure was the target of the investigation. Chief Turner is a man of great integrity who has a deeply ingrained respect for the law. He is not going to throw away his fundamental beliefs and 30 years of outstanding law enforcement service for illegal or even stupid acts by subordinates.

The Metropolitan Police Department has been remarkably free of corruption, or even allegations of corruption, within its ranks, especially when compared to other large urban police departments. Chief Turner and the community-at-large can take great pride in this record. This is not to say that temptation doesn't exist, especially given the millions of dollars that flow through the illegal drug markets in the city. Some will fall prey to these temptations from time to time. MPD officers who do will not survive, because the high standards of law enforcement excellence to which the MPD holds itself will not allow such acts, if proven, to go unpunished.

The implication that Chief Turner ignored illegal acts of subordinates or was involved in a cover-up is even more preposterous when you closely examine his law enforcement record. During his tenure, the MPD has established one of the outstanding records in the nation for crime reduction. In the area of drug enforcement in particular, Chief Turner's record of performance and reputation for innovation are unmatched. Ask any police chief from a major city in the country what they think of Maurice Turner. You'll discover a man who commands enormous respect among his peers. . .