As a bird watcher (we prefer "birder") of nearly 50 years' looking, I take offense at your scurrilous attack on the bird-watching fraternity/sorority {"Life Without Football," editorial, Sept. 22}. Especially galling is your suggestion that among the "wholesome broadening group activities" for Redskins fans on these "stricken afternoons" you include a "hundred or so friends from your section of RFK Stadium and set out in pursuit of the prothonotary warbler {sic}." Your editorial writer is confused to say the least, namely:

Why is that lovely Warbler not capitalized when TV and National Football League and Super Bowl are?

President Nixon, a great Redskins fan, could have told you that the Prothonotary Warbler is found along the C&O Canal and in swampy areas throughout the Washington region.

The very idea that this beautiful gray-blue and lemon-yellow bird of the Whitaker Chambers-Alger Hiss era has to endure the infamy surrounding its name is almost too much to bear. But the recommended and proposed harassment of the glorious little Warbler by obscene Hog "air horns" is a fate that shouldn't happen even to resident aliens, such as the English Sparrow or Starling.

As for "beer," why not put it out for the slugs and feed the "chips" to the Rock Doves?

In future editorials, please include out the bird-watching or birding silent minority from any more unfavorable comments. This is your last warning. We will protest formally to your ombudsman, Accuracy in Media or The Washington Times if you continue to humiliate the thousands of Washington area birders with such stupid, ridiculous suggestions as harassing Prothonotary Warblers with air horns!

George E. Lowe