I do not understand how the Fairfax County Police Department found the money and manpower to send approximately 45 officers to Redskin Park to protect people and property from striking football players {Sports, Sept. 24}, yet cannot adequately patrol the Capital Beltway in Fairfax County to protect motorists from hazardous drivers.

I drive the Beltway between the American Legion bridge and I-95 each week during rush hour. I continually see tractor-trailers traveling close to 70 mph, other trucks tailgating cars and many vehicles weaving in and out of lanes at high speeds. Seldom do I see these drivers being ticketed by police officers.

Speeding trucks on the Beltway are a far greater danger to the community than are Redskins on strike. The football players only taunted a bus and threw a few eggs. The potential danger to the public and to the replacement players did not warrant the show of police force at Redskin Park that evening. Assuming the entire football team was involved in the incident, there was one officer per player. Surely the Fairfax County Police Department can find a way to use those officers to better protect the thousands of commuters who travel the Beltway.