I have one question for D.C. residents. What's easier to get -- a new Supercan or Washington Redskins season tickets? If you answered Redskins tickets, you're probably right.

In the spring of 1987, my Supercan was damaged during weekly trash pickup. In May, I called the city and requested a new Supercan. A lady took down the information and said she'd put me on the list. Four weeks later I called again; this time the lady informed me that it would take two months to have a new Supercan. So when I left D.C. for the summer, I expected a new Supercan upon my September return. But in September, still no new Supercan.

On Sept. 30, while getting out of the shower, I heard the trash truck come up the alley. While I looked out the window, I saw the sanitation man trying to hook the Supercan to the truck. He had trouble doing this, so he pushed the can back in my driveway. By the time I got dressed and ran out, the men were gone.

My next step was to call the city and complain. Instead, I received a lecture on how the city has to replace millions and I'm probably lost somewhere on the long list. As for the missed trash, she apologized for the man's action, and filed a report.

Let's see. I pay my D.C. taxes, and at Christmas time I leave the present near the back door for when the sanitation men come honking their horns up and down the alley. In return I have a damaged Supercan and missed garbage service.

L. P. SALVI Washington