In the editorial "Tax Rabbits" {Oct. 9}, The Post chastises me because I did not "dirty {my} hands" by offering specific spending cuts to reduce the deficit.

While I am always willing to concede The Post's knowledge of, and fascination with, dirt, I must say that this time it has me all wrong. I have had both arms plunged up to the elbows trying to dig out some common sense and responsibility from the House Democratic leadership on deficit issues. As for the specifics The Post asked for, consider the following:

According to the House Republican Research Committee, "the Democrats have led the charge in support of several new programs, adding $18.26 billion more to spending through 1992 than if the House had adopted Republican initiatives." One reason The Post wants a big tax rise is that it has endorsed the Democratic Party's approach to such programs as welfare reform and catastrophic health insurance, but has not once endorsed Republican initiatives in these areas, even though our approach would have cost at least $18 billion less than the $40 billion advocated by the House Democrats.

I particularly enjoyed The Post's attitude toward a Democratic-proposed $19 billion tax increase. Noting that Republicans had rejected it, The Post sniffed that such a rise is, after all, "less than a confiscatory" one. Spoken from the Olympian heights inhabited by powerful liberals who have long since ceased to recall the economic realities of ordinary working Americans (the kind who voted in such overwhelming numbers in 1980 and 1984 for Ronald Reagan -- remember?), these words could become the motto for liberal Democrats in 1988: "Democrats -- Less Than Confiscatory!" ROBERT H. MICHEL Republican Leader U.S. House of Representatives Washington