From remarks by Sen. Dale Bumpers (D-Ark.) in the Senate, Oct. 9:

What is it going to cost to continue our policy in the Persian Gulf? I have seen figures of $20 million a month. I have heard other figures of over $1 million a day. So the answer to that question is somewhere between $200 and $240 million a year and $500 million a year.

. . . Of the people that this is designed to help -- the Japanese, who get most of the oil out of the Persian Gulf; the Western Europeans, who get an inordinate amount, and other Western European countries -- how much are they paying the United States? I do not mind embellishing a little. I just assume it is going to cost us $500 million. How much is Japan and Western Europe putting up to pay for this?

Now, all the Western European countries have about nine minesweepers in the Persian Gulf. Their cost is just peanuts compared to ours.

. . . How much is Kuwait paying? Kuwait, whose tankers we have reflagged and, in my opinion, have thereby demeaned our flag in the process, and that is not to denigrate Kuwait; it is simply saying we ought not put the American flag on the ships of everybody who asks us. So what is Kuwait putting up? So far as I know, the answer is zip, zero, none. What kind of landing rights for our fighter planes and our helicopters and what kind of berthing rights do our ships have in Kuwait? Zip, zero, none. Yes, we will put our flags on your ships, and we will put not six warships, as the president said, but 30 to 40 warships in there to protect them. And Kuwait says, "We really appreciate that, and we would like to let your ships berth in our ports, but we can't. We would like to let your planes land on our soil, but we can't."

. . . What kind of nonsense is this?