From remarks by Rep. Gerald Solomon (R-N.Y.) in the House last Tuesday:

It is clear to all of us by now that so-called glasnost does not extend to the suffering people of Afghanistan -- innocent people whose land is being scorched by the Soviets.

What greater opportunity for {Mikhail} Gorbachev to show he means business about reform can there be than in Afghanistan? One million Afghanis have died in less than 8 years. Millions more are refugees in Pakistan and Iran. Still more are displaced within their own country. These are people who never offended Gorbachev. Their only "crime," as the Soviets may see it, was to have the courage to defend their own land and sovereignty against alien and hostile invaders -- namely, the Soviet Union.

The point is often made that never in its long history has Afghanistan been successfully conquered or subjugated. But the Soviets have already wrought untold death and destruction in the process. Afghanistan is a scorched and bleeding land, and still the people resist.

. . . All of the Soviet abuses aside, their puppet regime in Afghanistan is a notorious human rights violator in its own right. Summary executions, torture, censorship, wiretaps, house-to-house searches, the complete suppression of all rights to peaceful assembly, public expression and religious worship -- all of these horrible things have become part of daily life for those Afghanis who live in areas of the country that are under effective control of the Soviets and their puppets.

. . . There can be no resolution of the crisis in Afghanistan, until the Soviet forces are out and their puppets are gone with them. Afghanistan will be at peace only when the Afghanis themselves are in charge of their own destiny.