I get sick and tired of reading about the poor, defenseless pedestrians and their so-called plight. I drive in rush-hour traffic in Washington, and I believe that some of these pedestrians are the ones who should be retrained and ticketed more often. Following is a small list of things that come readily to mind. (I could probably fill up the whole page with the mindless actions of pedestrians, but this list of things happened just one morning on my way to work.)

A pedestrian who saw and knew the car approaching an intersection had the green light and still crossed against the "NO WALK" sign. A pedestrian who came out of nowhere from between parked cars, in the middle of the street, expecting cars not just to see him, but to stop on a dime because he had the right of way (I believe the word for this is jaywalking). A pedestrian who knew that onlytwo, maybe three, cars canmake a right or left turnat any intersection and purposely slowed down to a crawl while giving the cars that daring stare.

The city should install more traffic lights that would allow time both for pedestrians to cross safely and for cars to make turns.